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Why we've partnered with Actionable Insights

The primary reason we have partnered with Actionable Insights is their unique approach to digital marketing. They create custom strategies designed to produce very specific results. In the case of our clients, they deploy campaigns that drive real, quantifiable results but at the same time, produce analytics we leverage to make traditional messaging and ad placement much smarter.

Their analytic capabilities are unparalleled in the Valley and even across the entire region. They can identify high likely buyers of any product or service and acquire data representative of that audience. In doing so, testing messaging and communication channels delivers insights geared for the real buyers.

In years past, marketers would create messaging based on creativity and a marketers’ instinct. Those days are done. There are simply too many segments and too diverse an audience to think a singular message will induce action across generations, sexes, and demographic profiles. AI tests messaging in each segment to identify the most palatable strategy for each and that learning is adopted in the way in which we deploy traditional marketing. Smarter. More engaging. More successful. That’s the Tradigital Marketing advantage and that is why we have partnered with Actionable Insights.


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