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We are here to help you decide what kind of content and placement of messaging will be the most beneficial to your client's campaign.  This approach will make your client's marketing budget go as far as possible.  Stop throwing money away on an approach that isn’t guided by data and analytics, and start providing your client with comprehensive reporting.



Television can still reach the masses in a matter of seconds and today, that power is something that needs to be managed carefully.  It is one of the most expensive ways to get your message across so let’s choose content and placement that make sense to those likely watching it. That means analytics. Knowing who sits in front of the TV allows you to drive relevant content to that exact audience. You know how to buy the TV ads and produce the commercial, we can help determine which audiences and messages are going to be the most effective without any guesswork.

Today, many people get their TV from ancillary channels like mobile and streaming. These opportunities speak to a very different audience and therefor, require a very different set of messages. Choosing the right approach when it comes to a TV ad buy is imperative. Our analytics can help you remove all of the guesswork.



We have a unique ability to deliver conquest data that is legally compliant and ultra-targeted. Conquest refers to data that is not opted into. In other words, it is data we gather based on specific requirements that make each lead a likely buyer. We implement a strategy that can reach people on digital platforms. We also take this data and digital online behavior and use it to make ad placement and content more meaningful and cost-effective.


Social Media

The world of social media continues to evolve. Strategies from just a few years ago are dead. They simply do not have the same efficacy they once did. These platforms are changing their policies to protect their own revenue models and the impact on business is severe. The days of building an audience of followers on Facebook have come and gone. With one simple change, they have forced marketers to spend money in order to get the same result they did before. Now, only 7% of your followers will ever see the posts you put on your wall. To have those messages display, you must now capitalize the effort. In short, what was free yesterday now costs money. Frankly, if you’re going to spend money to promote messages, you may as well learn to use better tools and build a hyper targeted audience more likely to drive conversions. And that’s just one example. Social media provides serious opportunity and therefor requires a serious approach. Sadly, most agencies haven’t a clue about these changes and frankly, many are content to generate revenue for mere posting “pretty” graphics; even if few people see them. Let’s talk about about your social media scope of opportunity and determine if your audience is a good fit. Tradigital gets the complexities involved and our recommendation will be based on simple graphics.



For some consumers, billboards are still an effective method to reach an audience. But today, so many people are on their phones while in the car, it has became more difficult to reach the same size audience. That is both a unique challenge and unique opportunity. Those likely not paying attention to billboards are not the opportunity. We can help identify the audience best suited to see and act on a billboard message.

You design it, you place and we leverage data and analytics to help guide the placement. Get more for the same spend and your clients will love you for it.


Direct Mail

Still effective. Still relevant. And with our analytics, your direct mail campaign can be segmented and hyper relevant thus driving an exponentially higher conversion rate. You know your clients message and audience and we can help steer that towards data likely to convert via direct mail.

That drives a lower cost per acquisition and higher profit margin for your agency all while attaining a result your clients will love you for. Everybody wins.


Let's talk about what Tradigital Marketing can do for your marketing business!